Unitized Scouring Mops / Convolute Mops
Unitized Scouring mops are made of compress nylon fibers bonded with abrasive grains.

it comes with a wooden center and is easily fitted onto a conical tapered shaft.

Convolute mops are nylon fibers that are spun around a center core.

These mops are highly suitable for high finishesand removal of fine scratches.
Size Ply(Density) Grit
6"x1" 12ply Medium Coarse
6"x2" 12ply Medium Coarse
8"x1" 12ply Medium Coarse
8"x2" 12ply Medium Coarse
*Max rpm: 15000
Observe Safety Precautions
Unitized Deburring Disc
Deburring disc are mounted onto sand grinder
to remove scratches or blurrs corners or
hard to reach areas.
Size max rpm
4"x½"x10mm 1400
4"x¼"x10mm 1800
5"x¼"x10mm 1700
6"x¼"x10mm 1600
8"x¼"x10mm 1500
*Max rpm: 15000
Observe Safety Precautions