TIG Weld Cleaning Machine
TIG Clinox is the perfect solution for cleaning welds and residues on stainless steel.

Using electrical current with acid based solution, cleaner effectively remove residues and restore stainless steel corrosion-resistance layer.
Removal of blackish oxide layers during welding
Suitable replacement for pickling gel
Environmental friendly and health safety
Convenient and works effectively compared to conventional pickling gel
Documentation: Clinox
Watch TIG Clinox in action: Clinox
Food Industry
Wine-making machines
Distillery machines
Bottling plants
Bar/restaurant furnishings
Industrial kitchens (NOT AISI 430 hoods)
Finishes for food-grade tanks
Pasta-making machines
Wheat grinding machines (flour)
Ice-cream making machines
Piping for food industry
Stainless steel food-grade liquid pumps
Dairy industry: cheese-making machines
Iced-tea and slushed-ice drink machines etc.
Bread ovens
Other industries
Stainless steel electric panels
Stainless steel flues
Air conditioning and heating ducts
Automatic dispensers
Boat interior fittings and yacht finishes
Paint plants
Water purification plants
Car and motorbike silencers
Stainless steel filters for pharmaceutical industry
Automatic photo developing machines
Chemical analysis plants
Cold rooms
Stainless steel furnishings (changing rooms) for food and pharmaceutical industries
Flow-meters for chemical and food industries
Stainless steel ducts for electrical systems
Stainless steel fittings for food industry
Air conditioning systems
Stainless steel sculptors
Pharmaceutical plants (construction)
Stainless steel window and door frames
Stainless steel interior fittings for lorries